Friday, 6 April 2007

Seeking the truth

This has been a very exciting and critical week. Interesting that it encompassed the changeover from one tax year to the next and leading towards Easter, making it an important time for many people for different reasons.

I have changed my occupation again. Well slightly, and very much in the right direction, I think.

Last weekend, Joel Comm convinced me to sign up with It wasn't very difficult for him to do so, as they were offering a $1 introductory offer for 2 weeks trial of software that sounded very useful indeed to an affiliate marketer, dealing with some of the things that are difficult.

Specifically SMM builds 1/2 page mini websites specifically for the purpose of preselling any one chosen affiliate product. Wayne van Dyck (the CEO) sells these machines in packs of 5 and 15 (a nice pitch) for $300+ a year. Well, it was good enough for me to get a few affliate business models off the ground in a few days, but then I got sidetracked to a quite different business model.

I've always liked the idea of putting good quality content on the web and getting paid for adsense ads on it, though I've only done this in a tiny way, without getting past the crucial traffic issue. Then I came across HyperVRE. This has real wow factor, using state of the art viral marketing and an Internet feed of PLR articles to allow the building of websites around any chosen keyword group. Wow. One trick it uses is to include RSS feeds to individualise the content adequately.

There seem to be a few glitches in the software - RSS feeds seem to get garbled sometimes for no obvious reason - but I reckon they are workable around. The big problem I noticed is the very mixed quality of the content. I have heard that if you put adsense ads in lousy content you get a lot of clicks, but I couldn't live with that. I would prefer to create a website that people would regard highly, and maybe even remember and come back. It is a service to increase the average quality of content on the Internet, especially in areas where demand exceeds supply.

In order to do that, I need some extra arms and brains to produce material fast enough. Fortunately, I can hire in the services of ghost writers through syndicated Public Label Rights publishing of original quality material written by experts.

There are relatively cheap PLR providers around, from about $20 a month upwards, but on a recommendation from an existing user, I signed up with Articles Underground. I doubt that I will regret it, but time will tell. If I am wrong, I lose $97. If I am right, I reckon on gaining a good income.

Watch this space.

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