Thursday, 29 March 2007

Warning about Dani Mendez and

I somehow ended up receiving mail from a Dani Mendez from a company ironically called [Kind of gives an impression of righteousness]

I have now seen one example of an extremely bad deal for an overpriced affiliate product, one advert for pyramid selling a exhorbitant, misrepresented supplement, and an advert for a deceptive home working scheme, which takes $50 from people, having misled them into thinking they are going to earn silly amounts for doing 20 minutes a day data entry, which never seems to happen (surprise). I feel sorry for anyone lured into these sorts of rip-offs.

I think anyone reading this should be able to draw their own conclusions about how to respond to such "opportunities".

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justinbshappenings said...

I'm on Dani Mendez's mailing list, and she's probably legitimate. However, I feel the products she promotes are kind of expensive.